Partner Churches

4 to 8 member Aftercare Teams, trained and ready in an increasing number of churches throughout BC and Alberta, will be regularly joined by more being prepared to make the geographical proximity of a Partner Church to a returning citizen as close as possible.

This is the most vital part of our ministry for a number of reasons:

  • It provides an immediate and understanding, supportive social connection in whatever neighborhood the inmate has chosen to live.
  • It makes the availability of services and resources needed by the returning citizen and their families ready immediately upon their release, and the facilitation of them in the hands of their Aftercare Team.
  • It provides fellowships of Christians the opportunity to strike right at the core of social injustice and the growing problem of ineffective criminal rehabilitation
  • It gives churches the opportunity to strengthen their individual and collective capacity to exercise love, empathy, and compassion towards those who are widely regarded as unlovable by society at large
  • It breaks down barriers between denominations and is conducive to their working together for the betterment of both their faith experience as well as their testimony to the surrounding community

Click on the region below and follow the links to locate Sponsor Churches in each of 30 regions of southwestern BC where we have begun our focus

British Columbia

GVRD: Delta, Fraser Valley, Vancouver

Interior: Kamloops, Kelowna, Prince George

Island: Campbell River, Nanaimo, Victoria



Southern: Calgary, Lethbridge

Central: Red Deer, Lacombe, Ponoka,

Northern: Edmonton











Lacombe: Bethel Christian Reformed, First Baptist, Wolf Creek Community,