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“Whoever gets to them first gets them” was the response of a GVRD Prison Chaplain when asked what happens upon release of an inmate who has completed their sentence, which at his particular facility is always typically around 8:00pm.

Whether it is a gang member, drug dealer, homelessness, unemployment, or despair, the outcome is tragic for the prisoner and the prisoner’s family, and harmful for neighborhoods and citizens who bear the cost of continued crime and custody.

This is a failure of our society to keep the moral law of concern for the vulnerable and needy, but you can help change this:

Become part of a ministry that ‘gets to them’ first.

NuLinks depends on volunteers and is completely funded by charitable donations. There are several ways to donate to NuLinks:

1.) The best way is to contact our office directly to provide a one time donation or a monthly commitment, both via cheque or auto-debit (void cheque required). Click HERE.

2.) Canada Helps: while there is a nominal percentage taken, this is a simple and immediate way to support approved and monitored charitable organizations, click HERE



3.) Chimp: similar to Canada Helps, click HERE






Thank you for supporting our efforts to complement the rehabilitation of offenders, facilitate healing for victims, and making the GVRD safer